About us

At PIXA, we know the pitfalls and frustrations of finding solutions to your printing needs. That’s why we use our incredible industry knowledge and extensive service offerings to help you through the intricacies of the printing process in the easiest, most efficient and enjoyable way possible. From start to finish we offer quality and professional work and strive to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Robert Gold - President
Born and bred in printing facilities, Robert Gold knows printing inside and out.

After completing his education, Robert went to work full-time in his family-run, sheet-fed litho manufacturing plant. During his 16 years at Monbec Litho / Concorde Press Inc., Robert focused on estimation, production, administration, sales and marketing. Through his various roles Robert accumulated a broad skill-set and an extensive knowledge of the printing industry as a whole. From there, Robert went to work for Pazazz Printing Inc. in business development, production, sourcing and estimation.

With over 20 years of experience working in Litho, Digital, Flexo, Rotary and Large Format manufacturing plants, Robert knows all the players and knows how to ensure you get the best value for your dollar.

Some people have faint memories of scents that persist from their childhood, mine is the beautiful smell of ink and freshly cut paper.”

Social Commitment

As responsible members of our community we encourage the use of recycled paper, eco-friendly inks, and solvents and chemical free plates.  Our print partners have FSC, SFI and PEFC certifications to properly control and report the use of material recycling in their production processes.

Our sustainability solutions range from increasing the recycled content and recyclability of your printed products to lowering your carbon footprint, with little to no effect on cost. Not only does taking direct action to help save the Earth’s natural resources benefit our quality of life, it also sends a strong message of social responsibility to market influencers and consumers.