Print Management


Our project management process directs your projects to the printers who are best qualified and who have the proper equipment to produce your printed requirements efficiently.

This process takes many variables into account; resulting in reduced turnaround times and significant cost savings, without sacrificing quality.

Cost saving initiatives and processes

As your needs for document management change, we change with you. We offer end-to-end, integrated services to help you engineer more effective communication throughout your company.

From managing your printed office supplies and marketing needs to digitizing all your business processes, we have comprehensive experience in total document management – with results you can see and measure.


Printing can be a complicated business, so we’d like to keep it simple for you. At PIXA, we look at who you are, what you do and how you work, and then find the best solutions for your communications, design and printing needs.

We strive to understand your business to offer suggestions on what you need and how you can portray yourself to your clients through print communications.

Consultation services

We offer free consultation with a view to providing you with creative solutions and innovative, money-saving ideas. Whether it’s a new creation, a design improvement, proper use of color psychology or simply spicing up an existing product, we provide a customized service to meet your needs.

Research and Development

Through our R&D services, we ensure the printed product meets our high standards, eliminating time consuming and costly oversights. We’ll provide white models, press quality proofs, print ink colors on any stock, and test a variety of printing and finishing processes to guarantee the results you desire.

Brand Control and Consistency

Succeeding in matching color across multiple printing processes and substrates can be extremely challenging. With our expertise in these areas, we will effectively communicate your needs to our partners to keep your brand intact.

Print Sourcing

With a network more than 60 years in the making, PIXA has the knowledge of and connections to the best in the print industry. We also get the best prices for the quality of work we deliver. We like creating lasting relationships, not only with our clients, but with our suppliers too, so we can continue to offer competitive prices.