Document, product and sample management

All the pieces of your campaign have been printed. Now comes the mail preparation phase – personalization, assembly and distribution. Tap into our experience to maximize your impact, reduce your turnaround time and implement cost-saving solutions that lead to optimal results. From database management to fulfillment, PIXA will provide ways to improve and enlarge your targeted distribution. Closely connected to global networks, we’re your link to Canada Post, the United States Postal Service and most other International Postal Authorities around the world. Our strategic partnerships with these organizations guarantee shipment anywhere, anytime.

At PIXA your campaigns, whether local, national or international, will be expedited as planned.

Fulfillment and warehousing

PIXA processes the orders you receive by mail, website or by phone. We will handle any amount of volume you require, and provide excellent integrated security, strict hygiene, and follow-up protocols.

  • Inventory management
  • Pick & Pack custom packaging
  • Expiry date & lot number tracking
  • Design & hosting of web-based shopping cart systems

Logistics: turning challenges into opportunities

Our expert team will satisfy all your transportation needs, and ensure that your deliveries are made on time and within budget. PIXA is engaged in partnerships that guarantee shipment whether your goods or services are sold regionally, nationally or globally. PIXA will find the right transportation solutions for all your shipping needs.

We deliver… anywhere, any time

At PIXA, where quality and service matter, you’ll find a complete range of postal, shipping and courier solutions to global destinations.

  • National and international distribution
  • Courier services
  • Customs clearance
  • Customer support
  • On-line tracking services
  • Shipment follow-up
  • Urgent service options